Samsung is expected to announce its upcoming SmartWatch, Gear A, on the same day as the Galaxy Note 5 which will take place on 13 August, 2015. SmartWatches with round surface usually runs on Tizen system and equipped with a rotating side clock control function. But what happens when the design of Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge is used as a reference to the latest SmartWatch?

The Galaxy Gear Edge is indeed a classy-looking device judging by the concept developed. Kovács Apor is the leading designer of this beautiful SmartWatch and it was made in the Maform studios. Apor developed this classy design by imagining the Galaxy S6 in a form of a Smartwatch. The Galaxy Gear Edge has a side panel on the display which shows notifications such as messages and phone calls.

This design is fascinating but it seems that the smartwatch trend is still not fully accepted by consumers yet. It was predicted by many that the Apple Watch was supposed to build consumer’s interest in SmartWatch trend, however the device only sold 4 million units since launched. Apple Watch sales plunged up to 90%. It seems that currently the need to possess a smart watch for everyday use is not significant yet. Will this trend change in the future?