A home doesn’t have to be on wheels to move. Every day buildings expand and contract, shift and stir – even if it is only by an almost imperceptible amount. This pesky tendency has proven challenging for builders of modular homes. If you don’t know where your house will end up, how do you account for how it will react to extremes in weather? Bio Architects may have found a way with their DD16 Floating Cabin.

Built specifically to endure extreme weather and serve as a shelter to tourists and wanderers, this wood-framed cabin makes use of adaptable materials and a minimalist, lightweight design. The frame of the cabin is made from a laminated wood, siding consisting of just aluminum sheets, and polyurethane insulation.

While these choices in material may give off a somewhat spartan vibe, they actually come together to create a comfortable livable space. Upon stepping inside one finds a wooden stove, dining table, double bed, and even a shower. The home also offers up ample storage fit into little niches throughout. To top all of this off, the cabin features large glazed windows for gobs of natural light, and a completely independent water and electricity system thanks to a solar array, and an ecological toilet.